Nørre Vorupø Beach Huts in Denmark by Fo2ByLuL©️

We've Just added Denmark to Our Photography Tour Bucket List!

This week’s feature photo is a stunner from Denmark from Fo2ByLuL©️, and don’t miss the fall foliage photos in our newly renamed PIXEO Pulse!

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

– Ansel Adams

Photography Digest: Happy Halloween everyone! Check out this cool collection of spookily-themed photos from the Atlantic for those of you still in the haunting spirit. In other news, the Lens Rental blog continues their masochistic tendencies and this week tore open the new Mirrorless Nikon Z7. The verdict? The Z7 is extremely well built, good news for you Nikon fans out there. Now onto this week’s photos…

Please note images are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.  

Nørre Vorupø Beach Huts in Denmark by Fo2ByLuL©️

Fo2ByLuL©️ is our feature #photooftheweek 🙌! These small huts lining the beach of the fishing village of Nørre Vorupør are quite unique and adorable.

See more of Fo2ByLuL©️’s work on 500px: https://500px.com/lulhansen0112

See this photo’s location 👉 Thisted, Denmark


Centre Phi Terrace View Montreal by Michel Bricteux
Michel Bricteux shares this amazing view looking out over the Old Port as seen from the Centre Phi terrace along Rue Saint-Pierre. The Phi Centre is a multifunctional centre where art can express itself in its various forms: art, film, music, design and technology.

Follow Michel on IG 👉 @mbricteux
Michel’s website 👉 MichelBricteuxPhotography.com

See this photo’s location 👉 Montréal, Quebec, Canada


Waterfront Park Waterfall in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada by Scott Goldsworthy

Scott Goldsworthy took this picture perfect fall photo of a waterfall along Kelowna’s waterfront. Love the orange hues and beautiful reflection. Wicked shot Scott!

See more of Scott’s photography on IG 👉 @daydream_a_tree

See this photo’s location 👉 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


Chicago Cityscape from the Navy Pier by Vinicius Melo

Vinicius Melo shares another fascinating colour treatment this week. This time of the Navy Pier in Chicago. A wonderful cityscape location in the Windy City.

Follow Vinicius on IG 👉 @cviniciusmm

See this photo’s location 👉 Chicago, Illinois, USA


Loch Lomond, Nova Scotia, Canada by Stoneface

Stoneface shares a great lookout location in Irish Cove, Nova Scotia. A great pull off spot on the side of the road.

See this photo’s location 👉 Loch Lomond, Nova Scotia, Canada


Astrophotography of Sunset Beach Fishing Pier by Christopher Neal

Here’s Christopher Neal’s amazing astrophotography photo of the Sunset Beach Fishing Pier. This is an amazing milky way shot taken at an amazing location. Did we mention it’s amazing?

Check out Christopher Neal’s amazing portfolio 👉 www.christophernealphotography.com

See this photo’s location 👉 Shallotte, North Carolina, USA

Mahone Bay Churches in Nova Scotia Canada by Shawn M Kent

In the spirit of orange fall colours, here is a favourite from my personal archives. This is the stunning Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia. The three historic churches make this location one of Nova Scotia’s finest photo locations.

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See this photo’s location 👉 Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

We’re very excited here at PIXEO! This Monday, we will accept delivery of a new backend that will not only make it easier to manage the existing collection but we’ll also be able to add even more locations much more rapidly. We’re planning on spending the winter adding thousands more of the best photo locations around the world. We’ve also cut the price of our app to grow our community even more. Six months into our adventure we’ve learned a lot and are working every day to make the app even better. Thank you again for all your continued support!


Shawn M. Kent is the creator of the PIXEO App and shares responsibility for running PIXEO Inc, with his wife Lisette Kent. By day he is the Public Affairs Chief Warrant Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and in his free time he is a landscape photographer and father.

View of Paris from the Musée d’Orsay by Karen Andjelic

Feature Photo Locations 25 August 2018


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“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
— Ralph Hattersley

Tremendous submissions and a wide variety of photo locations this week. You kept us very busy all week, and we are thrilled to feature these great photos from the talented members of the PIXEO community.

Please note images are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.

Musée d’Orsay - Paris, France

We pick this amazing shot by Karen Andjelic as our pic of the week. What an amazing viewpoint looking out over Paris from behind the famous clock face on the fifth floor of the Musée d’Orsay. What a stupendous shot, perfect exposure, and composition. Great location and photo Karen!

Karen on IG 👉 @karenandjelicphotography

See this photo’s location 👉 Paris, France

Brundby Stubmølle Mill - Samsø Municipality, Denmark

Louise (a.k.a. Fo2ByLuL©) added this shot of Brundby Stubmølle Mill. The windmill is a well-preserved stubble mill in Brundby, Denmark. It dates back to the beginning of the 17th century.

Louise on 500px  👉 500px.com/lulhansen0112

See this photo’s location 👉 Samsø Municipality, Denmark

Abandoned School House - Cape Breton, Canada

Michel found these two abandoned beauties just off of the Ceilidh Trail in Cape Breton. Not often you come across a beautiful pair of abandoned structures like these!  One building is an old school house and the other may have been the teacher’s house.

Michel on Instagram 👉@mbricteux
Michel’s website 👉 www.michelbricteuxphotography.com

See this photo’s location 👉 Glenora Falls, Nova Scotia

Port Hueneme Pier - California, USA

Doug Golupski is a master of waterfront beach shots and his submission this week is not a disappointment. We love the deep orange tones of this image of Port Hueneme Pier. It is a 1200 foot long wooden plank pier on the waterfront in Port Hueneme. The Pier is open to the public and located next to a favorite beach, Port Hueneme Beach Park. At sunset, the pier is a great place to be as the sun sets behind the Channel Islands.
Follow Doug on Instagram 👉 @dougolupski
See this photo’s location 👉 Port Hueneme, California, USA

St Moulag’s Chapel - Isle of Raasey, Scotland

Scott Goldsworthy adds a beautiful ruin this week. This is St Moulag’s Chapel – A walled enclosure with three roofless structures and some grave slabs, one with fragments of medieval sculpture. A former parish church from the early 13th century, this ruin is a medieval church on a religious site founded c.560-90 and dedicated to St. Moluag.
Scott on Instagram 👉 @daydream_a_tree
See this photo’s location 👉 Raasay Island, United Kingdom

Sifting Lake - Ontario, Canada

Darren Fast shares this tranquil lake view in Ontario. Found along a relatively easy 4km return hike will take you to this lovely view of Sifting Lake within the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

Darren on Instagram 👉 @solalta
Darren on 500px  👉 500px.com/dfast

See this photo’s location 👉 Sifting Lake, Ontario, Canada

St. Stephen's Basilica - Budapest Hungary

We love interior shots of historic buildings. New user Pesawa shares this lovely shot of St. Stephen’s Basilica. The Roman Catholic Basilica is in Budapest, Hungary and is named in honour of Stephen, the first King of Hungary (c 975–1038). Supposedly King Stephen’s right hand is housed in the reliquary.

See this photo’s location  👉 Budapest, Hungary

Salzburg Historic City View - Salzburg, Austria

The amazing Dmitriy Don closes out our newsletter with this wonderful shot from Austria. This is an incredible vantage point to take in the historical city center of Salzburg from just behind the Museum der Moderne Salzburg looking out over the cliff top.

Dmitriy on Instagram 👉 @doney_d
Dmitriy on 500px 👉 500px.com/dmitriydon
Dmitriy on Photocrowd 👉 www.photocrowd.com/doney

See this photo’s location 👉 Salzburg, Austria

This week we pushed out our latest update so you can add your social info to your account. This helps us promote you on our accounts and this newsletter. Thanks to those that have updated the app. Next, we’re going to be doing some work behind the scenes to make it easier for us to moderate the collection. We’ll see you all next week!


Shawn M. Kent is the creator of the PIXEO App and shares responsibility for running PIXEO Inc, with his wife Lisette Kent. By day he is the Public Affairs Chief Warrant Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and in his free time he is a landscape photographer and father.