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Photo Locations are what this app is about, and while we add hundreds every month it is great to see community participation as well. As you know we use our social platforms to promote our community members. Be sure to check out the socials of these amazing users and give them a follow. And don’t forget to upload your own if you want to be featured. This week almost 60 new locations were added by you and it was hard to pick our favorites.

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Please note images are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.  

Top Photo Locations

Dmitriy Don continues to share amazingly picturesque shooting locations, this one is Le Mont Saint-Michel in France.
Dmitriy on Instagram 👉 @doney_d
Website 👉 www.photocrowd.com/doney/
Location: Normandy, France

JC Russo captures this amazing shot of the Grótta Island Lighthouse in Iceland. Not to be missed during an Icelandic photo tour.

Joe on Flickr 👉  www.flickr.com/photos/joe_r
Joe on Instagram 👉  @jcrusso

Doug Golupski does it again, this time a pink treatment from Milford Sound Lookout in New Zealand.

Doug on Instagram 👉  @dougolupski
Doug’s Website 👉  sbsurfphotography.com

Once again we double up on Doug Golupski features this week. Simply amazing roadside shooting location.

Doug on Instagram 👉  @dougolupski
Doug’s Website 👉  sbsurfphotography.com

Carlos Vinícius Mota de Melo joins the PIXEO community with this beautiful Brazilian sunset shot from a beach location in Fortaleza.

Carlos on Instagram 👉@cviniciusmm

Location: Fortaleza, Brazil


JC Russo shares this great night shot from a wonderful photo location in the city of Budapest, Hungary.

Joe on Flickr 👉  www.flickr.com/photos/joe_r
Joe on Instagram 👉  @jcrusso

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Thomas Dan Jessen captures a lovely sunset behind an industrial area in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Website 👉 www.fotofeber.dk/
Instagram 👉 @thomasdanjessen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

New user iainmackie shares this lovely location in Silwick, a once thriving community in the West Mainland, Shetland. The area is now almost deserted.  Great capture to finish off the week, thanks iainmackie!

Location: Silwick, United Kingdom

We’ll be pushing out an update this week with some small feature improvements. Hope everyone has a great weekend shooting and we’ll see you again next week.