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Top Ten Montreal Photography Spots

Explore the best Montreal Photography Spots. This cosmopolitan Canadian city has a lot of great places for photographers and we’ve got them all!

10 Questions with Henri Leduc

Henri Leduc was named the 2019 PIXEO Photographer of the Year for his fantastic contributions to the PIXEO collection. In this interview, Henri shares with us some of the secrets and inspirations that result in his great photos.

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Discover over 20,000 Global Photography Locations, each carefully vetted and reviewed by our team of curators. PIXEO is the largest purpose built collection of global photo spots.

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It's not that we don't like cats, it's just that cats move. Each location in our collection is reviewed and verified to ensure it willbe there when you get there.

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Feature Photography Destinations

Feature Photography Destinations

Nova Scotia Photo Spots

Discover the best Nova Scotia Photo locations using the PIXEO interactive map, and see our pics for the pic places in this beautiful province.

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Ottawa Ontario Photo Locations Guide

Top Ottawa Photography Locations

Discover the best Ottawa photography locations in this guide to Ottawa-Gatineau and the surrounding National Capital Region (NCR). Nature and history compete for the photographer’s attention here and for the adventurer willing to travel a few minutes outside the city limits, the photographic opportunities are almost endless.

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