Antelope Island State Park

Antelope Island State Park - Photo by Lesly Derksen

Great Salt Lake State Park

Great Salt Lake State Park - Photo by Mick Haupt

Alstrom Point

Alstrom Point - Photo by igormattio

Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point - Photo by Dulcey Lima

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls - Photo by David Wirzba

Green River Overlook

Green River Overlook - Photo by Ganapathy Kumar

Golden Cathedral

Golden Cathedral - Photo by John Fowler

Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley - Photo by Taylor Brandon

Yant Flat

Yant Flat - Photo by John Fowler

Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch - Photo by OakleyOriginals

Potash Ponds

Potash Ponds - Photo by Tradlands

Jacob Hamblin Arch

Jacob Hamblin Arch - Photo by Omer Salom

Coyote Natural Bridge

Coyote Natural Bridge - Photo by John Fowler

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake - Photo by Todd Trapani

Peek-a-Boo Canyon

Peek-a-Boo Canyon - Photo by Tired Tim

Peek-a-Boo Canyon Hoodoo

Peek-a-Boo Canyon Hoodoo - Photo by Tired Tim

The Toadstools

The Toadstools - Photo by Tired Tim

Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake Temple - Photo by Tired Tim Photography

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