🏆 PIXEO Photo Challenge 🏆

What Is the PIXEO Photo Challenge?

Users of the PIXEO App already know how great it is to have 15,000+ of the world’s best photo locations at their fingertips. But the real magic of PIXEO is its amazing community of contributors. PIXEO gives back to our photography community with the PIXEO Photo Challenge.

Win Monthly Prizes

Each month we select the very best photo location submission of the month. This monthly winner of the PIXEO Photo Challenge receives a $50 Amazon Gift Card. We also showcase winners with an interview featuring their work on our website and social media.

Why do we do this? It’s simple really. When you upload fantastic photos of your favourite locations, you make the PIXEO App better. This is our way of saying thanks for your contribution and being kind enough to share your local knowledge with the global PIXEO community. In return, we give you some Amazon moolah to help finance your next photography passion purchase!

Be the PIXEO Photographer of the Year

Also, at the end of the year, we’ll declare a winner of the PIXEO Photographer of the year! We’re not going to announce what that prize will be just yet, but we promise, it’ll be good.

P.S. We Don’t Steal Your Photos

Terms and conditions are here. Short version, we’re photographers too, so we hate when photo contests steal your images and resell them. We don’t do that. You retain your copyright, but you permit us to use the photos on our platforms to promote you (not unlike the ones on this site and our Instagram). Submit as many spots as you want to, each photo has the potential to win. Please read the full terms and conditions to find out more. If you have any questions, visit our contact page.

Get Uploading and Start Winning

Download the PIXEO App on the App Store today, tell your friends and start submitting locations. We’re not some big company, you can learn about who we are here, but we want to make a big impact. Enter the PIXEO Photo Challenge today by submitting your photos to the app and win big!

Discover 15,000+ of the world’s most photogenic locations with PIXEO today.