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The PIXEO Photo Spots Map is designed for use on desktop or laptop computers due to the limitations of mobile browsers. As a result, some of the functionality of the PIXEO World Map may not work with your mobile device. We apologize for the inconvenience.

– The PIXEO Team

Add Photo Spots and Win Prizes!

Upload your best photo location to win prizes in the PIXEO Photo Challenge and be featured on our social platforms. No registration or subscription is necessary, you keep your intellectual property, and we always credit you and link back to the website of your choice. Upload today and start winning! 

Photo Spot Research Tips

  • The Photo Spots Map works best in full-screen mode (top right to expand).
  • Ctrl+Scroll to zoom in or out.
  • Double-clicking also zooms at that location.
  • Photo spot types are indicated by the marker icon (abandoned, windmill, waterfront, etc).
  • You can filter specific types of photography locations with the search tools below the map.
  • Click on a Photography Spot Marker Icons to get details.
  • You can easily browse all photo spots on the map by interacting with the map, but you can search for a particular region using the search box below the map.

This map features a selection of the over 40,000 photo locations in our collection. For the full collection, check out the PIXEO App and take the map on the road.