"A Hidden Magical World in the Highlands"

The Fairy Glen

The Fairy Glen (a.k.a. The Faerie Glen) is a hidden gem nestled in the hills of the highlands. A short hike from the main road, the location is a photographers playground. Highlights include the stone circle, Castle Ewen, small waterfalls and more.

The Glens fairytale views are like nowhere else in the world, and it is no wonder there are rumours that the Glen is home to magical beings. Rich, lush colours of the highlands mixed with the stunning geography make this place otherworldly. The wandering photographer will find limitless angles and opportunities to shoot.

Castle Ewen

Castle Ewen is not a castle ruin, but a rocky outcrop. It gets its name because of its resemblance to a castle tower. Visitors can climb to the top, and the location offers stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape to the photographer. When climbing, please exercise caution and stay on the paths.

Stone Circle

The Stone Circle is one of the highlights of the location and is exceptionally photogenic. A spiral of earth and rock that only adds to the wonder of the location. Visitors to the glen have arranged rocks in this circle that add a mystical touch to the scene. Including this feature in your shots will add to the magic of your photos. Please do not move the rocks or add to them at the request of the locals.

Shooting the Fairy Glen

Photography at this location can be magical at certain times of the day. Sunsets and sunrises, in particular, can give the area an ethereal feel. We recommend using The Photographers Ephemeris App to scout the best angles to shoot from and get sunrise and sunset times. Good hiking shoes, Graduated Filters, and Tripods should also be part of your kit when you visit. There are numerous locations to shoot from so there is no one perfect way to photograph it.

Getting to the Fairy Glen

Accessible via a short hike from the road, the location is not marked on any map. Head North on the A87 towards Uig, Scotland and take the narrow one lane just before the Folly Restaurant and Uig Hotel. There is a slight pull off near a wooden bench where you can park, and the Castle Ewen is visible from this location. It can be busy at certain times of the day or year, so please be considerate. Be a good photographer and do not move the rocks, take your photos and please leave no trace.

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