Hohenschwangau Castle Photo Spot in Germany

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Hohenschwangau Castle - Photo by Markus Distelrath

Hohenschwangau Castle - Photo by Markus Distelrath

Hohenschwangau Castle sits atop a hill in the village of Schwangau and oftne overshadowed by its younger cousin, Neuschwanstein Castle. But Hohenschwangau Castle is photogenic in its own right. A bright yellow and orange place, this beautiful piece of Bavarian history is open year-round for tours and adds a pop of colour to scenic views of the area. The castle itself has a long history dating back to the middle ages but had fallen mainly into ruins until King Maximilian II of Bavaria discovered the remains in the 1800s and had the castle restored. He moved into the castle after its completion, and it was the childhood home of King Ludwig II, who would go on to have the more famous Neuschwanstein Castle built. It remains a residence of the former royal family and is frequently home to the current heir, Franz, Duke of Bavaria. (Schwangau, Germany)

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