Chillon Castle

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Chillon Castle - Photo by bafac

Chillon Castle - Photo by bafac

Chillon Castle is a spectacular example of a medieval era fortification located on an island in Lake Geneva. The earliest records make mention of Chillon Castle as far back as the 1000s; however, restoration to its present form took place in the 19th century. The castle is often said to be the "most visited historic site" in all of Switzerland and is without a doubt a very popular tourist destination. Photographers will find it easy to photograph from both the south-side (which gives a view of the entrance and towers), or the north side(where the surrounding mountains make for a stunning backdrop). Chillon Castle is open for tours almost year-round, and photographers should not miss a visit to the Chillon crypt, which is photogenic in its own right. (Veytaux, Switzerland)

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