Corvin Castle Phot Spot in Romania

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Corvin Castle - Photo by Giuseppe Milo

Corvin Castle - Photo by Giuseppe Milo

One of the largest castles in Europe and named one of Romania's Seven Wonders, Corvin Castle, adds a romantic touch to the rolling hills of Hunedoara. Built on the foundations of an earlier defensive structure, Corvin Castle is an imposing fortification that originates from the 1700s. Legends tell that Vlad the Impaler (the inspiration for Count Dracula) was once imprisoned in Castle Corvin's dungeons where he was driven mad. What makes Castle Corvin such a treat for photographers is not only its placement in the surrounding landscape but the long, stone-supported footbridge that leads to the castle. Underneath this bridge, there is a waterfall and footpath that only adds to the fairytale-like whimsy of the castle's appearance. Corvin Castle is a remarkable fortification and the picture-perfect example of a storybook castle in the Romanian countryside. (Hunedoara, Romania)

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