Kerlingarfjöll by Bjorn Snelders (Iceland Photo Spot)

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Kerlingarfjöll - Photo by Bjorn Snelders

Kerlingarfjöll - Photo by Bjorn Snelders

Deep within Iceland's central highlands, Kerlingarfjöll is a group of small geothermically active and rust-colored mountains capped with snow. Exploring these colourful rhyolite hills will expose you to hot springs, geysers, steam vents, and boiling mud pots. Some of the summits in Kerlingarfjoll are covered in snow year-round, like Fannborg and Snækollur. Plus Kerlingarfjoll is an ideal location for seeing the Northern Lights (best time is from September until March) beacuse there is no light emissions. (Kerlingarfjöll, Southern Region, Iceland)

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