Tower Bridge by Ashley Gavin (England Photo Spot)

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Tower Bridge in London England - Photo by Ashley Garvin

Tower Bridge in London England – Photo by Ashley Garvin

In London, England, the Tower Bridge Photo Spot is one of the most famous places to shoot in London, England. Constructed between 1886 and 1894, the Tower Bridge is probably the most iconic landmark in London. Visitors to the Tower Bridge are free to walk about the bridge decks, but the towers themselves and the Victorian engine rooms that lift the bridge deck form part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition. There is a fee for visiting the inner rooms of Tower Bridge, but walking about the exterior is free. The Tower Bridge offers endless possibilities for the photographer and many different shooting angles. Given its popularity, however, taking photos while on Tower Bridge during the day can be a challenge. We recommend shooting it at night to avoid the crowds and it also makes for a great light trail photography spot. Shooting from this specific location is fantastic for capturing long light trails. Position yourself on the pedestrian islands at this Photo Spot with your tripod and some neutral density filters. Shooting long exposure photos of the traffic as it drives by will create a surreal effect like the one shown here. (London, England, UK)

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