Lindeman Lake by Jerry Meaden (BC Photo Spot)

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Lindeman Lake - Photo by Jerry Meaden

Lindeman Lake - Photo by Jerry Meaden

Lindeman Lake is a gorgeous, turquoise lake surrounded by dense forest and mountain peaks. The lake looks inviting to swim in on a hot summer day but is, unfortunately, freezing cold year-round. Lindeman Lake is a terrific day-hiking location - at 3.4 km, it is a short hike, but well-worth the lengthy drive out to the trailhead. The trail pushes beyond Lindeman Lake to Greendrop Lake, adding 6 km to the hike. Lindeman Lake, Greendrop Lake and nearby Flora Lake can all be completed in a full-day 20 km loop for the adventurous and experienced hiker. There is a great trail description here -- (Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada)

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