Toronto is massive. Its sprawl swallows neighbouring towns and communities whole, ever-expanding itself like an amorphous blob on the Ontario map. In the city core, tall glass buildings defy physics, stand stoically against the crashing hell that is a Canadian winter. Bright summer sun paints rich colour reflections like a kaleidoscope onto the streets below. Toronto is a photographer’s mecca, where the people are as rich and diverse as the city’s varied architecture. This city is one of the most multi-cultural in the world. Distinct groupings of people from around the world have come together here, content to live in a mosaic of the human palette, that is more mosaic than a melting pot.

Top Toronto Photo Locations

Toronto Museum Subway Station

One of the most photogenic Subway Terminals in the world. The Toronto Museum Subway Station features a number of sculptures and modern additions. When visiting Toronto this photo spot is a must visit during any visit to the big city.

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley - Photo by Patrick Tomasso

Toronto is full of vibrant street art. So much so that they have dedicated an alley in the Fashion District to the art form. Covering several blocks this photo location features hundreds of expansive and extremely high-quality graffiti murals. A perfect shooting location for urban model shoots and other photographic styles.

Sharpe Centre for Design

Sharp Centre For Design - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

There are a lot of interesting architecture photography opportunities in Toronto. But perhaps no building is as interesting and fun to shoot as the wild Sharp Centre for Design.

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum - Patrick Baum
Royal Ontario Museum - Patrick Baum

Perhaps most notable for its unique blend of architecture, modernist styling collides dramatically with the cathedral stone structures of this iconic Toronto landmark. Within its halls can be found seemingly endless corridors of photogenic museum displays, history and art. Known locally as the “ROM” this museum is a must for any visitor.

Toronto Skyline from Olympic Island

Toronto Skyline - Photo by Amarpreet Kaur

If you visit Toronto you have to take a shot of the beautiful city skyline. There is probably no better shooting spot than along the waterfront of Olympic Island. Easily accessible park area offers what is probably the best arrangement of skyscrapers with easy access to the waterfront to get good foreground.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Humber Bay Bridge - Brian Jones

An iconic pedestrian bridge in Humber Bay is a very popular photography location. The white curve of its tied arch bridge construction makes for unique angles, and its beautiful location makes it extremely photogenic. Nearby Sheldon Lookout is also a popular spot for getting an angular view of the city on clear days.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma - Photo by Larry Koester

Next is this beautiful castle style estate in the heart of the city. Casa Loma is without a doubt one of the top photo destinations in the 416. Besides the stunning gardens, tours and other photo opportunities, did we mention it is freaking castle? You must visit this bizarre and interesting photo spot.

Gooderham Building

Gooderham Building - Photo by Lianhao Qu

An Instagram favorite, the Gooderham building is a beautiful triangular building built in 1892. Also known as the Flatiron building, the classic architecture makes it a popular photo spot for locals and visitors alike. One the back half of the building can be found a nice park and mural that only add to the beautiy of this photo location. This spot makes for amazing light trail photography, and is especially good for pictures at night after a rain.

Toronto City Hall

Toronto City Hall - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Toronto City Hall is a great photo spot, offering many interesting angles and photo opportunities in Nathan Phillips Square. The curved soaring buildings are fronted by a beautiful fountain and the word Toronto, just in case you forget where you are. Kidding aside, this place is spectacular to shoot at night with tonnes of unique and interesting angles to capture the evening light show. Bring a tripod and be ready to capture bright and beautiful colours every night of the year.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario - Photo by Nicolas Lebrun

Known locally as the AGO, this photo spot is great for shooting both inside and out. The spiral staricase and cafe are an architecture photographers dream come true, and the sweeping curves of the exterior aren’t too shabby either. The building is almost sensual in it’s design and who know, in addition to taking fantasitic photos, you might get a chance to take in some beautiful art pieces as well. Don’t skip the AGO, it’s a place photograhpers will want to go (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

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