Juan Diego Falls

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Juan Diego Falls - Photo by Wenhao Ryan

Juan Diego Falls - Photo by Wenhao Ryan

Located in El Yunque National Forest at KM 10 on Road 191 is Quebrada Juan Diego (or Juan Diego Stream). There are two streams here. At the second stream, you will see the trailhead marker and a little path on the right-hand side of the road. The trail is short, maybe 200 metres long at the most. Be sure to exercise caution, however, as the trail is uneven, often muddy and slippery. Along the trail, you will discover a couple of little waterfalls (maybe 3 metres tall) that have small pools to sit in and cool down. The rocks at these falls are fascinating – more vertical walls than river rocks. The Juan Diego falls get larger as you go up. When you come to the "end" of the trail, there is a beautiful large area to have a picnic and the highlight of the trip a 15-foot waterfall. (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico)

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