Lake Drummond

Photo Spot in Virginia

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Lake Drummond - Photo Kyle Glenn

Lake Drummond - Photo Kyle Glenn

Lake Drummond is home to ancient Cypress trees growing from the waters of the Great Dismal Swamp. The swamp covers about 190 square miles today, but before parts of it were drained and developed, it was around ten times bigger. It once spanned roughly 2,000 square miles of Virginia and North Carolina. It was once home to escaped slaves, and George Washington once was a major shareholder in a company that attempted to drain the swamp and capitalize on the land to make it profitable. Today it can be accessed via various routes, by water from the east and there is a viewing platform on Lake Drummond accessible from the west. We recommend accessing Lake Drummond by boat from the east in Virginia using any of the boat launches along Dismal Swamp Canal Road. (Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia, USA)

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