"Iran's Most Photogenic City"

“The Most Beautiful City in Iran !”

Iran is an ancient part of the world, and few places are more ancient than Yazd. This Persian city is a must visit for the wayward photographer in search of unique shooting locations off the beaten track.  The adventuring photog will be in good company as the city was a favourite of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great. Both of these ancient explorers visited these cities and wrote of its impressive silks. In fact, this city is best known for being part of the ancient silk road.

In addition to a storied history, Yazd is also home to some of Iran’s most amazing architectural wonders. From the stunning Amir Chakhmaq Complex to the ancient Zoroastrian Fire Temple there are numerous locations to grab a photographer’s attention. On the outskirts of the city find ancient ruins and a Tower of Silence, where according to Zoroastrianism custom the dead are left exposed to be scavenged by carrion birds. While a little gruesome, it is a very environmentally conscious way of dealing with the dead. I just wouldn’t recommend ordering the chicken.

Everywhere you look, this ancient city is picture perfect! If you are in the mood for a middle eastern experience this might be the perfect place for you. Did we mention as well that it is supremely affordable? Add Yazd to your travelling photography list today.

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