Carrigafoyle Castle

Dove Lake Boatshed

St. Boniface Cathedral


Lady of the Lake

Dock Ruins

Butroi Gaztelua

HMQS Gayundah

Baltinglass Abbey

Castello di Santa Caterina

Mediterranean Sky Shipwreck

St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

Bridge Ruins

Monaghan Forest Abandoned Cars

Old Oil Harbour

Chapel of Ease Ruins

Abandoned Rail Bridge

Rigoletto Shipwreck

Devils Slide Bunker

Giant Hulks

Nimmo’s Pier

Bective Abbey

Mueang Sing Historical Park

Abandoned Mansion

Bannerman’s Castle

Meytre Grist Mill at McGalliard Falls

Fannette Island Tea House

Shivta National Park

Irish Hills Towers

Cagsawa Ruins

Fortune Island Acropolis

Valley of the Mills

Hvalsey Church

Abandoned Docks

Abandoned Train Station

Plaża Babie Doły

Eastern State Penitentiary

Abandoned Port Richmond Power Generating Station

Cambusnethan House

Abandoned Smallpox Hospital

County of Peebles Shipwreck

New York State Pavilion

Mount Paris Dam

Plum Island Pink House

Abandoned Pier

Abandoned Pier

Point Reyes Shipwreck

Abandoned Train Cars

Saint Christopher Shipwreck

Whiteford Lighthouse

Dunnottar Castle

Abandoned Confiteria Neptuno

Hotel Kaleden

Catherine Hill Bay Pier

Abandoned Grain Elevator

Mary D. Hume Shipwreck

Jetty Ruins

Pechiguera Lighthouse

Abandoned Buildings

WWII US Navy LCM Shipwreck

Old Barn

Dimitrios P. Shipwreck

Temple of the Wind God

Abandoned Caboose

School House No. 5

School House No. 4 East

Utopia Grist Mill

Balaclava Abandoned Sawmill

Old Windmill

Fox Creek Schoolhouse

District 34 Abandoned Schoolhouse

Dr. W.B. Jones Abandoned House

Cedar Point Mill

Abandoned Church

Abandoned Farmstead

Haunted Lighthouse of Great Isaac Cay

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