Kirche am Steinhof

Kirche am Steinhof - Photo by Gerald Hartl

Abandoned St. Anne’s Anglican Church

Abandoned St. Anne's Anglican Church - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Church of Panagia

Church of Panagia - Photo by Chris Ouzounis

The Auld Kirk Church

The Auld Kirk Church - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Parish Church of St. Sebastian

Parish Church of St. Sebastian - Photo by Felix Mittermeier


Grafarkirkja - Photo by Yves Alarie

Basilica of the National Shrine

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception - Photo by Craig Fildes

Restenneth Priory

Restenneth Priory - Photo by Michael Barnes


Hvalsneskirkja - Photo by Hafsteinn Robertsson

Zion’s Church

Zion's Church - Photo by Luke Stackpoole

Sulden Pond

Sulden Pond - Photo by M_K Photography

Nlak’pamux Church

Nlak'pamux Church - Photo by Scott Goldsworthy

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Saint Patrick's Cathedral - Photo by Jaime Casap

Saint Gabriel’s

Saint Gabriel's - Photo by Lana

Stowe Recreation Path

Stowe Recreation Path - Photo by Dan Mall

St. Johannes der Täufer

St. Johannes der Täufer - Photo by andreas kretschmer

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Rocha

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Rocha - Photo by Rsantus

Lunds domkyrka

Lunds domkyrka - Photo by Francois Polito

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