Upper Provo Falls

Upper Provo Falls - Photo by Greg Poulsen

Waitonga Falls

Waitonga Falls - Photo by Jamie Pedersen

Cabin Creek Falls

Cabin Creek Falls - Photo by Bonnie Moreland

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls - Photo by Bruce McLennan


Älgafallet - Photo by Pär Ohlson

Woodman Point Jetty

Woodman Point Jetty - Photo by Julien Chevalley

Murray Creek Falls

Murray Creek Falls - Photo by Scott Goldsworthy

El Pailon Del Diablo

El Pailon Del Diablo - Photo by Pedro M Martínez Corada

Salto del Agrio

Salto del Agrio - Photo by Juancruzcipo

Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls - Photo by Adri

Cascade du Rouget

Cascade du Rouget - Photo by frank-miramand

Mangawhero Falls

Mangawhero Falls - Photo by Jamie Pedersen

Rockingham Waterfall

Rockingham Waterfall - Photo by Christine North

Eagle Falls

Eagle Falls - Photo by Sam Goodgame

Ruckel Creek Waterfall

Ruckel Creek Waterfall - Photo by Bonnie Moreland

Newstead Abbey Waterfall

Newstead Abbey Waterfall - Photo by Arran Bee

Martuljški Slapovi

Martuljški Slapovi - Photo by Miha Rekar

Slap Kozjak

Slap Kozjak - Photo by Marcin Szmigiel

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