Kinderdijk Molens

Kinderdijk Molens - Photo by Julian

Parque Eólico Wind Farm

Parque Eólico Wind Farm - Photo by Made From The Sky

Altamont Pass Wind Turbine

Altamont Pass Wind Turbine - Photo by Baron Reznik

Zaanse Schans Canals

Zaanse Schans Canals - Photo by Julian

Molen Het Noorden

Molen Het Noorden - Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski

Windmills in Patmos

Windmills in Patmos - Photo by Lorenzo Spoleti

Hoop doet Leven

Hoop doet Leven - Photo by Pete Bobb

Swinford Wind Turbines

Swinford Wind Turbines - Photo by Dan Edge

Saline della Laguna Marsala

Saline della Laguna Marsala - Photo by Tiziana Mercurio

Zuidzande Molen

Zuidzande Molen - Photo by Pietro Carbucicchio

Mühle Am Wall

Mühle Am Wall - Photo by Montecruz Foto

St Monans Windmill

St Monans Windmill - Photo by Inês Martinho

Creil Tulip Fields

Creil Tulip Fields - Photo by La Taupe

Ma’ale Gilboa Wind Farm

Ma'ale Gilboa Wind Farm - Photo by Felix Tchverkin

Te Apiti Wind Farm

Te Apiti Wind Farm - Photo by Jondaar_1

Countryside Wind Turbines

Countryside Wind Turbines - Photo by Gustavo Quepón


Tauernwindpark - Photo by Thomas Galler

San Francisco Dutch Windmill

San Francisco Dutch Windmill - Photo by Kyle Glenn

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