"One of the most spectacular sights that human imagination can conceive."

Featuring 17 hours of daylight in the summer months, Torres del Paine is perfect for photographers. The landscape is rich with mountains, glaciers, and other picturesque rock formations. But this fantastic photo destination is not for the casual adventurer. To truly experience this rugged and beautiful landscape expect to hike, horseback ride, and even take a boat. However, the vistas of glaciers, soaring rock formations, and sunset over ice filled lagoons make the adventure worth it.

A post about the places to visit in the 1,814 square kilometre park would be very long. So, to keep things manageable we’ll share a few of the best photo spots to add to your list. But, don’t limit yourself just to these picturesque locations — plan at least a week to take in the fantastic photography vistas of Torres del Paine.

Grey Glacier

Grey Glacier - Photo by myeviajes

Grey Glacier is a pristine natural wonder. It is found in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, just west of the Cordillera del Paine. Getting their typically involves a boat ride and we recommend the one from Hotel Largo Grey. The boat departs 4 times a day and is a sturdy 50 person boat. But despite the large number of people, it should be fairly easy to jocky for a shot. Once at the location you will discover that the iceberg “calves” meaning large chunks break off and slowly drift to an opposite beach. There they rest and slowly melt. The result is pillars are water filled with icy blue and white pillars, perfect for photographing.

Torres del Paine from Mirador Torres

Mirador Base Torres del Paine - Photo by Alexis Alvarez CC by-sa
Mirador Base Torres del Paine - Photo by Alexis Alvarez CC by-sa

Next, there is the stunning Mirador del Paine. This picture-perfect destination is at the end of a day hike. “Mirador” is Spanish for “view,” and it is clear how this photo spot got it’s name, To get to the location be prepared. The walk is about 9 hours round trip with an elevation gain of 3000 ft. You start your journey from Hotel del Torres and follow the signs to Mirador Las Torres. Along the way, there are photogenic hanging bridges, waterfalls and creek beds. Expect steep portions and be prepared by packing water and snacks to enjoy along the way. Pace yourself and enjoy the view, but be mindful of the time as heading down can be dangerous at night.

Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument

Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument - Photo by Santiago Rodriguez Rivoira CC by-sa
Cueva del Milodon Natural Monument - Photo by Santiago Rodriguez Rivoira CC by-sa

Next up is the Milodon Caves, a must stop for any visitor to the region. The caves show evidence of early human settlement and are a wonder to behold. Discoverd in 1895, the caves became a historical monument in 1968. Find this unique and often forgotten photo location about 24 kilometres north of Puerto Natales.

Lake Pehoé

Lake Pehoé - Photo by Christopher Michel CC by-sa
Lake Pehoé - Photo by Christopher Michel CC by-sa

Finally, we have a classic Patagonian photo location. When you see photos of the region, you usually see photos taken from this spot.  Turquoise water and stunning mountain ranges combine with sunsets that will take your breath away. We recommend spending a few days at Hosteria Pehoé. This hotel offers stunning views from its waterfront location and is well worth the room rate. This area is easily accessible even if you don’t stay at the hotel and should be on your visit list.

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