Reine and the Lofoten Archipelago

“Stunning arctic archipelago of dramatic mountainspeaks, open seas, sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands.”

Photo by Tommy Andreassen

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Reine may be one of the most majestically beautiful places on earth. But it is but one village across the entire Lofoten archipelago. This vast Norweigan archipelago is known for its jagged peaks, sandy untouched arctic beaches, and rich Nordic culture. Travelling through the region, you will discover small fishing villages dotting rocky islands in defiance of the raging seas. Lofoten is a hardy place, unspoiled by modernity and picture-perfect for the wayward photographer. In this post, we will share some of the best photo spots that can be found in this shutterbugs paradise.

Reine and Hamnøy Fishing Villages

Reine and Hamnøy are probably the most picturesque fishing villages in the entirety of the Lofoten archipelago. So much so that many assume any picture from the Lofoten area is actually a picture of Riene. Even though Riene seems to get more credit than it deserves for photographic beauty, it is desrving of its reputation. Reine truly is stunning.

Village of Reine - Photo by Oberlehner

An amazing viewpoint showing the fishing village of Riene in the summer with the bay in the foreground and the majestic mountain peaks in the background. The region is one of the most photogenic in the whole of the Lofoten Archipelago. (Reine, Norway)

Hamnøy Fishing Village - Photo by Christopher Michel

The small fishing village of Hamnøy or Hamnøya is one of the most photogenic locations in Lofoten. It is the oldest fishing village in the region, with cottages dating back to the 1890s. The village, though sparsely populated is a popular tourist destination and offers visitors accommodation in the traditional fishing cabins. The village is also the home of an annual Jazzfest. (Hamnøy, Lofoten)

Sakrisøya Island - Photo by Tobias Bjørkli

A small island in Lofoten between Reine and Hamnoy, Sakrisøya Island is home to a small fishing village makes for some spectacular scenery with the surrounding mountains. (Reine, Norway)

Reine Bay - Photo by Russo Francesco

The amazing view looking out across the Reine Bay at night. Part of the Lofoten Islands in Norway, Reine is a fishing village located on the island of Moskenesøya in the Lofoten archipelago. It is considered one of the most beautiful locations in all of Norway. (Lofoten, Norway)

Hamnøy Viewpoint - Photo by Tommy Andreassen

A stunning viewpoint looking out over the water from the island of Moskenesøya and the fishing village of Hamnøy. In the distance can be seen the city of Reine. This is a spectacular shooting location within the Lofoten archipelago. (Lofoten, Norway)

Reine Horn - Photo by Tobias Bjørkli

A stunning rock formation perfectly situated for leading lines and symmetry when shot from a footbridge over the water. An ideal and popular shooting location in a very picturesque village. (Reine, Norway)

Hamnøy Moorage - Photo by Adrian Kirby

The fishing boats of Hamnøy sit moored at the docks. Hamnøy is one of the small island fishing villages near the city of Riene and a mandatory stopping place for photographers in any season or time of day. (Hamnøy, Norway)

Beaches of the Lofoten Archipelago

The beaches of the Lofoten archipelago are well known throughout Norway. These secluded beaches  often have soft white sand that seems more at home in a Caribbean climate than the far north. Often the locals brave the frigid waters and even go for a dip at these arctic beaches. For photographers, they make wonderful photo spots for capturing amazing astrophotography, the northern lights, or the churning seas.

Haukland Beach - Photo by Peter Edwards

Haukland Beach is one of Norway's most popular beaches. White sand and crystal clear blue waters make Haukland Beach one of the best locations in Norway to capture sunrises or sunsets. The arctic beach also features some of the best hiking in the area and is a unique and easily accessible photo spot. (Leknes, Norway)

Uttakleiv Beach - Photo by Cem Sagisman

Uttakleiv Beach is one of the region's most photographed. A perfect mix of sand, rocks, mountains and wide-open sky makes this photo spot magnificent. Uttakleiv Beach is the ideal beach to shoot the Northern lights or do some star shots as it is far from any significant population centre and has little to no light pollution. It's also a popular swimming spot - if you can brave the cold! (Leknes, Norway)