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This is Part 1 of a two part series. Be sure to check out PIXEO Top Contributors of 2019 Part 2!

Vestrahorn, Iceland - Photo by Darren Fast

Darren Fast

📸 Winnipeg | Canada

In the first part of the year, Darren Fast stunned us with his photo spots of Iceland and took our breath away with their muted and understated simplicity. Darren helped us load this stunning country with photo spots, and inspired us to start writing articles about places. Our photography guide to Iceland’s natural beauty was the first feature location. We also discovered the Faroe Islands this year, which might be just as beautiful as Iceland, but far less known.

Golden Jubilee Bridge - Photo by Ashley Garvin

Ashley Garvin

📸 London | UK

Not to be outdone, Ashley Garvin also added some great shots of the Icelandic region, including a beautiful hidden waterfall that isn’t on any map we’ve ever seen (except our PIXEO Map, of course). Ashley won multiple PIXEO Photo Challenges with his beautiful night shots from around the world, and we were consistently taken aback by his beautiful work. His control of lighting and capturing the inherent beauty of a location appeared almost effortless.

Brunkebergstunneln - Photo by Kristofer Liljeblad

Kristofer Liljeblad

📸 Stockholm | Sweden

We also became huge fans of Kristofer Liljeblad this year. I think it was his shot of a plane taking off that first grabbed my attention, and then week after week, he continued to knock it out of the park with his incredible contributions to the PIXEO collection of photo spots. A Swedish photographer, he truly is spectacular, and it’s been great to see what he comes up with week after week.

Snow Covered Wagons - Photo by Scott Goldsworthy

Scott Goldsworthy

📸 British Columbia | Canada

This year we also met Scott Goldsworthy, literally. Lisette and I made a trip west to shoot and visit family and were thrilled to have a chance to stop in Kelowna and have a beer with Scott. It was bizarre and very cool to meet one of our PIXEO users in person, and the beer was really good too. Scott also did a tremendous job this year, filling the west coast of Canada with some stunning photo spots.

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Shawn M. Kent founded PIXEO with his wife Lisette Kent in 2018. By day he is a Senior Military Photographer in the Canadian Armed Forces. After travelling the world as a military photographer, he now mostly shoots landscapes and enjoys travelling with his wife and family. Other hobbies include painting, mixed martial arts, and beer.