January Photo Challenge Winner - Ashley Garvin

A huge congratulations to Ashley Garvin for winning the PIXEO Photo Challenge for the month of January! His remarkable shot of the Tower Bridge in London, UK. The image did very well on our social media, and we all agreed that it was a tight race between his image and some of the runners up. Ashley is the proud recipient of $50 Amazon Gift Card. To find out more about the PIXEO Photo Challenge please check out the contest page here.

Other Photos We Loved

Reynisfjara Beach by Darren Fast

Darren Fast’s stunning photo of Reynisfjara beach was a very close second for us. The colours and tones of this image are just beautiful!

Messe Basel New Hall in Switzerland by Iain Mackie

Iain Mackie’s stunning architectural photograph of Messe Basel New Hall in Switzerland is a definite contender as well. The swooping curves and unique composition makes it a favorite.

Snow Covered Wagons by Scott Goldsworthy

Scott Goldsworthy is a regular contributor, and he is a master at finding unique and exciting locations week after week. These snow-covered wagons in Drumheller, Alberta is a superb shot and a favorite of the month!

Thank You!

Thank you to all who submitted images last month to the PIXEO Photo Challenge. It is tremendously challenging to choose just one photo to be the winner. We are excited to see what February brings. With a start like this, it is clear that picking the best photo of the year is going to be very difficult.

If you’re interested in entering the PIXEO Photo Challenge, you can find out more info on our PIXEO Photo Challenge page!