Upload a Photo Location

Use this form to upload your own photo locations to the PIXEO collection. Your photos will appear on our map and may be selected to be featured on our social media platforms and could win prizes in the PIXEO Photo Challenge.

Note: You always retain copyright for your photo and we will credit you when used on the map or any of our social platforms. We also verify each submission for accuracy and may reject photos. For more info please visit our FAQ Page.

Enter a name for the photo location. This will be the title we use for the location.
Include some description information. This can be photo tips, a description of the location, and other information that may be of use to other photographers who visit the photo location in the future.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
We recommend a resolution of at least 2000 pixels along the long edge. Max file size is 10 MB. You can include your own watermark, or we will watermark the photo for you.
We only accept photos with accurate geo-data. Please click here to open Google Maps, find where you took the photo, right-click on the spot' and choose "What's Here" to get the Geolocation in decimal format (i.e. 44.491743, -63.918627).
Any time we use your photo we will watermark the photo with what you put here. We want to ensure that your intellectual property rights are respected and protected.
We will only email you if we have questions about your submission or you are the winner of the PIXEO Photo Challenge.

Social Accounts

We feature the best submission on our social media accounts like Instagram @pixeoapp, in our newsletter and on our blog. When we do, we include links to your social account to maximize your exposure (pardon the pun). These fields are entirely optional.
You can include any website where you would like to send visitors to see your work. We reserve the right not to accept certain URLs if we consider them to be spammy or not related to your photography.