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St Coloman (Schwangau, Germany)

Julian shares a stunning shot of St Coloman church. This beautiful church stands all alone in the countryside looking out over the Bavarian Alps, and when it’s combined with a beautiful sunset it becomes even more photogenic. (Schwangau, Germany)

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Valdresflya Road (Beitostølen, Norway)

Frode shares a lovely vanishing point shot of Valdresflya Road. This road has a beautiful view over the peaceful countryside with Mt Bitihorn off in the distance in the heart of the Jotunheimen National Park. (Beitostølen, Norway)

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Sheikh Zayed Road (Dubai - United Arab Emirates)

A fantastic view of Sheikh Zayed Road. This location offers an amazing view looking out over the Dubai cityscape highlighting some of its incredible architecture. (Dubai – United Arab Emirates)

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Alabama Hills (Lone Pine, California, USA)

A lovely solitude camping shot from JP Ramirez. This is the Alabama Hills sits just outside of the small town of Lone Pine. This recreational land is owned by the Bureau of Land Management offering peaceful open camping and magnificent views of the Sierras wall of mountains.  (Lone Pine, California, USA)

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Auronzo di Cadore Viewpoint  (Auronzo di Cadore, Province of Belluno, Italy)

Matthew David Ernst, RCAF

The Panthéon is an imposing monument standing atop the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, at the center of the Place du Panthéon which was named after it. Built from 1758 to 1790 at the behest of King Louis XV of France, who meant it as a church dedicated to Saint Genevieve, the city’s patron saint, whose relics were to be housed there. In 1791 the National Constituent Assembly voted to transform the Church of Saint Genevieve into a mausoleum for the remains of distinguished French citizens, modelled on the Pantheon in Rome which had been used in this way since the 16th century. (Paris, France)

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Device to Root Out Evil (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Scott shares a curious shooting location in Calgary. This miniature traditional, although uniquely upside down, New England-style church has been resurrected in East Village. The 6.7-metre-tall piece of art, called Device to Root Out Evil, was created by Dennis Oppenheim. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

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Abandoned Boat Hull (Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada)

This abandoned boat hull sits on the beach, almost covered at high tide but fully exposed at low tide. (Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada)

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Burgess Falls (Burgess Falls State Park, Tennessee, USA)

JC shares a beautiful location in Tenessee. Burgess Falls is a cascade waterfall that spills approximately 136 feet into a large limestone gorge enclosed by sheer 100–200-foot walls along the Falling Water River. These falls are park of a day-use state park that is noted for its natural beauty and four waterfalls that cascade down from over 250 feet in elevation. (Burgess Falls State Park, Tennessee, USA)

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Cape Lookout State Park (Tillamook, Oregon, USA)

Rick Obst shares this fantastic west coast beachfront location. Cape Lookout State Park is a beautiful oceanside state park on Cape Lookout just south of the city of Tillamook, stretching out on a scenic sand spit between Netarts Bay and the Pacific Ocean. This scenic park is a destination for hiking, beach combing and visiting sites along the Three Cape Scenic Route. (Tillamook, Oregon, USA)

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