Top Photo Spots

Each week the fantastic photographers that make up the PIXEO Community share their top photo spots, and every week we share them with you. Then we enter the very best photo locations in the PIXEO Photo Challenge. From Toronto to the Netherlands, these are the best photos of the week for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to show some love to these great photographers by checking out more of their work on their favourite sites, and be sure to follow them on sites like Instagram! If you’d like your images featured here, it’s easy. Just upload your best photo spot shots on our upload page. So, without further adieu, here are the best photos for the week of 18-25 April 2020.

Red Apple

What a stunning building with red accents from Julian! The Red Apple is a unique 40-story residential skyscraper featuring an amazing red stripe pattern. (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

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Sand Point Pier

Tired Tim adds some incredible foreground interest with this shot of the Old Sand Point Pier. The use of the pier as a triangular form to create leading lines is genius. This a fantastic shot of this photo spot. The Old Sand Point Pier is where the ferry used to cross the Ottawa River from Norway Bay, QC to Sand Point in Braeside, ON. The ferry ceased operations in 1963. (Braeside, Ontario)

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Polson Pier

We love the Nilesh’s juxtaposition between the hard shapes of the city skyline and the soft forms created a long exposure. Polson Pier has an amazing view over the surrounding bay and downtown’s skyline. This location is especially photogenic at night as the city’s lights come up. (Toronto, Ontario)

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Bodie Island Lighthouse

Photos of lighthouses don’t get any better than this. This is a stunning shot of Bodie Island Lighthouse with a lightning strike behind it. The Bodie Island Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse dating back to 1872. It’s distinctive black and white striping make it a must shoot location along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. (Nags Head, North Carolina, USA)

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Tonchigüe Beach

A beautiful sunrise at a beautiful location from Henri this week. Tonchigüe is a small fishing village on the northeast of the Pacific coast of Ecuador. The Tonchigüe river flows right through the beach into the sea adding to the beach’s photogenic views. (Tonchigüe, Ecuador)

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Ponte di Rialto

Lovely pastel hues make this popular photo spot that much better. This is the famed Rialto Bridge. The Rialto Bridge is an ornate 16th-century stone footbridge that is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. It’s especially fun to shoot if you are lucky enough to time the sun as it sets behind it. (Venice, Italy)

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Tskere Village

Pictures of Adventures lives up to his nom de plume with this wonderful shot of a remote village in Georgia. The great photo spot is Tskere and is perched on a mountainous plateau at the end of the legendary “Khada Road”, an old winding military road that is difficult to access, but fun to shoot. (Tskere, Georgia)

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Islandsberg Shoreline

Pär Ohlson shares another epic location with this great shot of Islandsberg Shoreline at sunset. Islandsberg Shoreline is a beautiful photography area with long rocks that have been smoothed by the weather and ocean waves over the years. You need to hike a couple of miles and the path becomes more and more treacherous, but the views when you reach the shoreline are stunning. (Lysekil S, Sweden)

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News from PIXEO HQ

That wraps up this week’s best photo spots. Here at PIXEO we’re doing the less fun parts of running a business…taxes! But hey, it’s gotta be done. We’re hoping to get out and shooting this weekend anyway if only to take a break from the office work. We hope you enjoyed this week’s selection of images and it’s less than a week till the next PIXEO Photo Challenge kicks off, so be sure to upload your best photo spots today!