Top Photo Spots

Each week the fantastic photographers that make up the PIXEO Community share their top photo spots, and every week we share them with you. Then we enter the very best photo locations in the PIXEO Photo Challenge. This week the PIXEO users made our job extra difficult and it kept us hopping all week with great submissions. If you’d like your images featured here, it’s easy. Just upload your best photo spot shots on our upload page. So, without further adieu, here are the best photos for the week.

Watson's Mill

We love shots with some unique perspectives and so we’re going to kick off the newsletter this week with this great one from new user Sydney Follows from here in Ontario. Watson’s Mill is a beautiful place with the historic stone building and the water running through the dam behind it. As a bonus, there is unique equipment being stored behind the building with the water falling behind it into the river. (Manotick, Ontario)

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Laurentian Valley Waterfall

Our winner from last month is back this week with a stunning waterfall shot. This Laurentian Valley Waterfall is a stumbling set of falls in a tucked-away spot. An unmarked pull over spot on the side of Round Lake Road with a small trail (approximately 5 min hike) is our kind of spot! Bring bug spray! (Laurentian Hills, Ontario)

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Ulysses S. Grant Memorial

We are totally in love with Kim’s unique perspective of the Capitol building in Washington, DC. This photo was taken from the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial. The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial is a simple bronze & marble statue honouring U.S. President & famed Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant. As a bonus the Ulysses S. Grant  Memorial has some unique views of the United States Capitol building. (Washington DC, USA)

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Machsee Lake

Julian shares an idyllic scene with the community this week with this lovely sunset shot of a bench on a dock at the waterfront. A great foreground element to add a hint of scale and majesty to the stunning view. This is the perfect spot to shoot the amazing sunset colours looking out over the Machsee. This peaceful dock sits right beside the Hannover Yacht Club. (Hannover, Germany)

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Ogdensburg Port

There’s something special about the juxtaposition of natural beauty and industrialization. Terry captures this confluence perfectly this week from a great hidden location you’ll only find at PIXEO. This riverside hidden gem gives an amazing view looking out over the St. Lawrence River from Ogdensburg port area featuring the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge in the background. (Ogdensburg, New York, USA)

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Moon Falls

Okay, this shot is just perfect. The balance of tone in the water, the golden hour skies and rich blues are just spectacular. Erik has done a fantastic job with this shot of Moon Falls. Moon Falls is a large cascading waterfall along the Moon River, less than 10km from the outlet of the river on the Georgian Bay. This is a remote waterfall that is most easily reached by canoe. (MacTier, Ontario)

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El Manantial

Another majestic location in the hills of Ecuador from Henri this week. El Manantial is a lush rock formation where crystal clear (and purified) waters flow from an underground river that forms a spring (“manantial”) and joins the river Pita. (Cotopaxi National Park, Machachi, Ecuador)

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Falls Brook Falls

Just when we think we’ve got every waterfall in Nova Scotia a PIXEO user proves us wrong by sharing another amazing one. This is a great find by Aaron Smith of the beautiful and redundantly named Falls Brook Falls. The Falls Brook Falls is an easy hike 1.7k through the lush forest into this secluded and little-visited cascading fall. The trail starts just off of NS-289 at a little turn off (45.361110, -62.850963)   (Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia)

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News from PIXEO HQ

You guys are keeping us busy! It’s been an insane push to keep up with all the great submissions we’ve been receiving. As always thank you to the contributing users, we appreciate you and we cannot believe how this little project of ours is rapidly becoming a global community. We love travelling the world with you each week, and as we slowly start to come out of the COVID haze it’s fantastic to see what you are all out there capturing. It’s already only a week away from the June photo challenge. If you haven’t uploaded anything yet, let’s just say, you’ve left it to the very last minute. So if that’s you, be sure to upload your best photo spots for your chance to win!