Each week the fantastic photographers that make up the PIXEO Community share their top photo spots, and every week we share them with you. Then we enter the very best photo locations in the PIXEO Photo Challenge. Each submission has a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the month and a $500 Amazon Gift Card at the End of the Year. If you’d like your images featured here, it’s easy. Just upload your best photo spot shots on our upload page. So, without further adieu, here are the best photos for the week.

Battery Spencer Golden Gate Viewpoint

We love it when photographers take photos of iconic places in unique and interesting ways. Ankit does a fantastic shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Spencer. Battery Spencer is a 19th-century concrete battery and an observation platform that features panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge with the San Francisco Bay and cityscape as the perfect backdrop. (Sausalito, California, USA)

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Oeschinensee Lake

Turquoise mountain lakes are stunning, and this fantastic shot from Nico Gartmann of Oeschinensee lake is one of our new favourites. The Oeschinensee is a beautiful mountain lake surrounded by lush forest trails and a breathtaking mountain backdrop in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. You can also rent a rowboat to go on the lake. To capture the best pictures you have to walk up a little bit to be rewarded with an amazing view of the lake and the mountains. (Kandersteg, Switzerland)

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Nisser Lake

Speaking of fantastic lake views, Forde shares this stunning photo of Nisser Lake with amazing magenta hues. This hidden gem shooting location is just a few meters walk from the road (Route 41) and has a beautiful view looking out over Nisser lake with Hægefjell (a magnificent granite dome) as the perfect background.  As you can see, this location is especially photogenic at sunset. (Nissedal, Norway)

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Rathaus from Maschpark

Julian is on a bit of a castle kick at the moment and this week he shares another stunner. This is shot from Maschpark, a scenic park with lush greenery surrounding a peaceful pond. As a bonus, it also has an amazing view of the Rathaus. It is definitely worth visiting in the afternoon and during sunset. (Hannover, Germany)

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Moraine Lake

Sayantan shares this fantastic shot of one of the most stunning Canadian photo spots, Moraine Lake. Situated in Banff National Park, it is the turquoise heart of the Canadian Rockies nestled in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Moraine Lake is famous for its distinctive shade of azure blue. This amazing colour is due to the refraction of light from the rock flour deposited in the lake on a continual basis by surrounding glaciers. (Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada)

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Trieste Harbour

Pietro Carbucicchio

A serene capture to close us out from Pietro. The Trieste Harbour is an amazing mix of peaceful views and bustling urban areas creating many unique shooting opportunities as you look out over the Gulf of Trieste.  This location is especially photogenic during golden hour and sunset. (Trieste, Italy)

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