Each week the fantastic photographers that make up the PIXEO Community share their top photo spots, and every week we share them with you. Then we enter the very best photo locations in the PIXEO Photo Challenge. Each submission has a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the month and a $500 Amazon Gift Card at the End of the Year. If you’d like your images featured here, it’s easy. Just upload your best photo spot shots on our upload page. So, without further adieu, here are the best photos for the week.

Dry Lake  (Marlbank, Ontario, Canada)

A beautiful shutter drag at sunset creates whispy cloud perfection in this shot from the impeccable photographer Dan Fleury. This stunning shot is of the Dry Lake in Marlbank Ontario. Dry Lake was once the site of one of Canada’s largest cement factories. The lake is rumoured to contain an old locomotive from that era.   (Marlbank, Ontario, Canada)

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Batteries to Bluffs (Presidio of San Francisco, California, USA)

Twilight kisses the Golden Gate Bridge in this terrific shot from JP Ramzy. This area is known as Batteries to Bluffs and this photo spot gives you a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is also filled with old battery stations slowly falling into disrepair making a lot of unique shooting possibilities from this entire area. (Presidio of San Francisco, California, USA)

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Winkworth Arboretum (Busbridge, England)

Matthew David Ernst, RCAF

Our photography friend in England continues to impress with some fantastic locations only locals like him would know about. This week Matt shared this lovely shot from Winkworth Arboretum in Busbridge. Winkworth Arboretum exhibits over 1000 species of trees as well as large collections of azalea, rhododendron, and holly on slopes leading down to landscaped garden lakes.  It is a wonderful display of trees and is a nature lovers paradise as well as photographers. (Busbridge, England)

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Flatiron Lake (Hope, British Columbia, Canada)

Speaking of friends of PIXEO, we are thrilled to see Scott back with this stupendous shot of Flatiron Lake. This shot is a reflective masterpiece and its obvious he has captured a stunner with this one. Flatiron Lake is a beautiful mountain lake that sits just below the Flatiron summit in the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area. This is a great trail description www.kamloopstrails.net/the-flatiron/ to help you hike to this amazing spot. (Hope, British Columbia, Canada)

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Shirleys Bay (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Last month’s PIXEO Photo Challenge winner, Sydney Follows, gets down (and we presume a little dirty) with this unique take on Shirley’s Bay. We love this low angle and this is definitely a great example of shooting outside the box. Shirleys Bay is located about 16kms from downtown Ottawa. It is a popular place for locals to have picnics, launch small boats, canoes or kayaks or watch for wildlife along the shoreline or in the sky above. The view across the water to the Quebec side is full of colours if you go in the fall. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

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MacIntosh Brook Falls (Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Lush warm greens perfectly frame this beautiful waterfall in Cape Breton from Aaron Smith. MacIntosh Brook Falls is a short easy hike along the rocky brook to the falls which collect ina photogenic bowl. The MacIntosh Brook Trail follows the brook, crisscrossing it several times, through a lush old-growth forest leading to the beautiful oasis surrounding these falls. (Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada)

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