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“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
— Alfred Stieglitz

Photography Digest: This week was all about the mirrorless cameras. Not only did Canon finally unleash their entry into the mirrorless foray, but so did Nikon. Previously the space has been dominated by Sony for the last several years. Canon revealed the EOS-R and Nikon the Z6 and the Z7. Both cameras have an impressive set of features, but if you ask us they both have a ways to go to usurp the mighty Sony Alpha a7 cameras. On the upside, we all got to learn about Flange Focal Distance. Undoubtedly flange focal distance will make a great conversation starter at our next tailgate party (Go Steelers!).

Please note images are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.

Admiralty Building - St., Petersburg, Russia

To begin, Dmitriy is this week’s shot of the week for his amazing photo of the Admiralty Building in St. Petersburg. IN fact, this view from Alexander Garden is especially beautiful at night. As a bonus, the Fontan U Admiralteystva is perfect for reflection shooting.

Check out Dmitriy on IG 👉 @doney_d

See this photo’s location 👉 St. Petersburg, Russia

Pyramid Peak - Inyo National Forest, California

Doug Golupski is producing some amazing surreal landscape photography using infrared.  Here he shares a great spot to get a clear view of Pyramid Peak from the shores of Heart Lake along the Little Lakes Valley trail within John Muir Wilderness.

Check out Doug on IG 👉 @dougolupski

See this photo’s location 👉 Inyo National Forest, California

McGill University- Montréal, Canada

Michel Bricteux shares this lovely view of the McGill University campus from the top of McTavish Street.

Michel on IG @mbricteux

See this photo’s location 👉 Montreal, Canada

Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh, Scotland

Next Scott Goldsworthy takes us to Edinburgh Castle this week. The castle is a historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, from its position on the Castle Rock. Archaeologists have established human occupation of the rock since at least the Iron Age, although the nature of the early settlement is unclear.

Scott on Instagram 👉@daydream_a_tree

See this photo’s location 👉 Edinburgh, Scotland

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest - Singapore

Gonzalo Ruiz Calavera shares this epic viewpoint of the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. This photo was taken from right behind the Singapore Flyer looking out over Marina Bay. Clearly the view is especially spectacular when the domes are all lit up at night.

Follow Gonzalo on IG  👉 @goruca64

See this photo’s location 👉 Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Singapore

Naturally, we couldn’t resist featuring another from Gonzalo Ruiz Calavera in Singapore. This photo is taken behind the impressive Marina Bay Sands Hotel, in the Gardens by the Bay with its amazing artificial trees. Likewise there is a light show every evening for one hour where you can capture many different colors.

Follow Gonzalo on IG  👉 @goruca64

See this photo’s location 👉 Singapore

Paulista Avenue - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Next, we love this creative take by Vinicius Melo on a city view of Sao Paulo in Brazil. This is Paulista Avenue looking out over the Tunnel José Roberto Fanganiello Melhem and is a perfect spot for shooting cityscapes and long exposure shooting.

Follow Vinicius on Instagram 👉 @cviniciusmm

See this photo’s location 👉 Sao Paulo, Brazil

South Fork Bishop Creek - Aspendell, California, USA

Finally, Doug Golupski finishes the newlsetter off with this lovely fall shot of South Fork Bishop Creek in California.

Check out Doug on IG 👉 @dougolupski

See this photo’s location 👉 Aspendell, California, USA

A week of development meetings and preparations to dramatically grow the collection over the winter months. Consequently we are hard at work. Our thanks again to all the contributors this week, you guys are all awesome and keep those photos coming!


Shawn M. Kent is the creator of the PIXEO App and shares responsibility for running PIXEO Inc, with his wife Lisette Kent. By day he is the Public Affairs Chief Warrant Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and in his free time he is a landscape photographer and father.