“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.”
— Yousuf Karsh

Photography Digest

Are you a fan of the ocean and cows? Then have we got a story for you…check out this article on a photography book being put out by Bloyce Thompson and Canadian Photog Vicki Fletcher. Also, don’t miss the winners of the Comedy Wildlife Awards Vol 2. Needless to say, it’s been a funny week for photography. Hope you all have a spooky Halloween and enjoy the shots of the week. As always these will be featured on our Instagram and other social platforms over the course of the week.

Please note images are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.

Urquhart Castle Scotland by Scott Goldsworthy


Scott Goldsworthy shares a superb historic location for this weeks PIXEO #photooftheweek. Founded in the 13th century, Urquhart castle played a role in the wars of #Scottish independence.

Scott on Instagram 👉 @daydream_a_tree


See this photo’s location 👉 Inverness, United Kingdom

Lace Falls Waterfall by Joe

Joe added the lovely Lace Falls #waterfall in Natural Bridge, Va this week. It’s an easy one-mile walk from the natural bridge, along the Cedar Creek Trail. This will take you to the viewing area for the waterfall. Unfortunately, you can’t get very close to it but it still makes for a great #photo.

Joe on Flickr 👉 flickr.com/photos/joe_r
Joe on Instagram 👉 @jcrusso

See this photo’s location 👉 Red Mills, Virginia, USA

Sunny Jim's Sea Cave by Doug Golupski

Doug Golupski shares a great location with an even better name. This is a great #photograph Sunny Jim’s Sea Cave in La Jolla #California. The path to this #sweetspot is accessible through the main trail gate. Doug reminds us to be careful though, as the cliffs can be slippery.

Doug on Instagram 👉 @dougolupski
Doug’s website 👉 sbsurfphotography.com

See this photo’s location 👉 Sunny Jim’s Sea Cave, La Jolla, California

Cabot Trail Coastline by Karen Andjelic

Karen Andjelic shares another stunning shot of the #CapeBreton #coastline. This time it is a #photo of where Black Brook Creek meets the ocean. The sandy creek can be found near a bridge and lovely treed shoreline just off of the #CabotTrail.

See more of Karen’s #photography on IG 👉 @karenandjelicphotography

See this photo’s location 👉 Neils Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kelowna Marina by Scott Goldsworthy

Scott Goldsworthy sets the #sky on fire along the shoreline of #Kelowna in this shot of the Marina. A #colourful take on the #Okanagan Lake #waterfront.

Follow Scott on Instagram 👉 @daydream_a_tree

See this photo’s location 👉 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Seagrove Park California by Doug Golupski

Doug Golupski keeps up the #waterfront theme with this shot of the #California coast. Taken from the coastal cliff path below Seagrove Park. This spot is perfect for taking beautiful #photos of the surf and surrounding shores.

Doug on Instagram 👉 @dougolupski
Doug’s website 👉 sbsurfphotography.com

See this photo’s location 👉 Del Mar, California, USA

Chicago Cityview by Vinicius Melo Vinicius Melo highlights the Wrigley Building and DuSable Bridge in #Chicago. Taken along the #riverwalk, this #photo location is a great spot for shooting some of the fascinating #architecture of this #historic #American city.

Vinicius Melo on IG 👉 @cviniciusmm

See this photo’s location 👉 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Montreal Cityscape by Michel Bricteux

Michel Bricteux shares another #photo of #Montréal. A gorgeous #Canadian #city the #architecture and #cityscape opportunities are endless. Michel shares this great shot of Peel Street within the École de Technologie Supérieure. Thanks Michel!

Michel’s #photography on IG 👉 @mbricteux
Michel’s website 👉 MichelBricteuxPhotography.com

See this photo’s location 👉 Montreal, Canada

Thanks again to everyone for the submissions this week. It may not be obvious, but we are hard at work behind the scenes and some big changes are coming over the next couple of months, stay tuned!