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One of our favorite things about curating user photography submissions and maintaining the global PIXEO collection is that we get to travel the world through your eyes. As we went through the submissions this week, it was especially exciting as submissions came in from all four corners of the globe. So, get out your passport, and lets go for a trip with these great submissions from the PIXEO community.

Please note images are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.

Just Outside of Hobro, Denmark

To start us on our global tour this week, we have this great shot from Denmark by new user, Louise (a.k.a. Fo2ByLuL©). The blues, purples and green are magical!

Louise on 500px  👉 500px.com/lulhansen0112

See this photo’s location 👉  Just Outside of Hobro, Denmark

Hudson, Ontario Canada

Connie takes us to our app’s native country, Canada, and she shares this lovely view of the Ottawa River as seen from Jack Layton Park. What a serene and peaceful shooting spot. Thanks Connie!

See this photo’s location 👉 Hudson, Ontario

St Petersburg, Russia

Sahil Sharma takes us to Saint Petersburg with this shot of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, an 1818 Russian Orthodox cathedral with beautiful gold-plated dome and stunning columnar architecture.

Sahil on Instagram 👉@the_wandering_consultant
See this photo’s location 👉 St Petersburg, Russia

Eastern Sierras, California

Doug Golupski takes us west into the California mountains with the majestic shot of the Eastern Sierra as seen from the shores of Heart Lake. What a captivating spot!
Doug on Instagram 👉  @dougolupski
Doug’s Website 👉 sbsurfphotography.com
See this photo’s location 👉 Heart Lake, California, USA

Singapore Skyline

Bhotch takes us to Asia with this shot of the Singapore skyline. This is but one of many amazing views found along the waterfront promenade and makes this location a must visit for photographers travelling to this bustling city.

Bhotch on Instagram 👉 @srijit1

See this photo’s location 👉 Singapore

Cow Tower, Norwich, UK

Scott Goldsworthy takes us to the Cow Tower in the UK. This is1300s artillery tower that was built to defend Norwich from invasion. A stunning ancient brick structure and fine shot!

Follow Scott on Instagram 👉@daydream_a_tree

See this photo’s location 👉 Norwich, United Kingdom

Manarola, Italy

Carlos Vinícius Mota de Melo finishes off our global tour in Italy with this wonderful view of the marina and cliffs of Manarola.

Carlos on Instagram 👉 @cviniciusmm
See this photo’s location 👉 Manarola, Italy

This week we’ve been busy as usual. We completely renovated the PIXEO App website in preparation for some changes that are coming and the developers have begun working on the next update which will feature more social media integration. Your feedback directly drives our development and we greatly appreciate it, please keep it coming!


Shawn M. Kent is the creator of the PIXEO App and shares responsibility for running PIXEO Inc, with his wife Lisette Kent. By day he is the Public Affairs Chief Warrant Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and in his free time he is a landscape photographer and father.