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Cover Photo by Robbie Arlow


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Forester Falls Abandoned Barn - Photo by Tired Tim

An amazing old barn along Foresters Falls Rd. It’s especially photogenic on a clear night.

Bayview Park Beach - Photo by Robbie Arlow

A small beach with a peaceful view looking out over the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron located just off of Cottage Ave in Thornbury. 

Falls of Feugh - Photo by Klaus G Pfannholzer

The Falls of Feugh are a series of waterfalls cascading along the water of Feugh. There is also an incredible stone Bridge of Feugh footbridge spanning the river. As a bonus, this location is also a perfect spot to come and watch the salmon climb the natural leap as they make their way up the Falls during spawning season. The best months for spotting salmon leap are September to November and February to March.

Phare des Poulains - Photo by Michel Bricteux

The perfect location to shoot the Phare des Poulains looking out across the rocky shoreline of Pointe des Poulains, Belle-Île.

Bull Run Stone Bridge - Photo by Joe

This view of the stone bridge can be seen from the Route 29 bridge in the Manassas Battlefield area. There’s a lot of history in the area, and a lot to photograph.

Track and Tower Trail Swamp - Photo by Robbie Arlow

Robbie’s shots were so good this week we couldn’t pick just one! Here is a swampy area with mangrove-like trees along Track and Tower Trail. A 7.5-kilometre trail off of Highway 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Mangrove Estuary - Photo by Aaron Smith

The amazing mangrove estuary of Marino Las Baulas National Park is filled with crocodiles, birds, and monkeys.  Bring your fastest zoom lens!

MacKenzie King Estate Ruins - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

In the 1900s many old stone buildings were torn down to make way for new buildings. Rebuilt from the remnants of former banks and other stone buildings these ruins create picturesque subjects that now decorate the estate grounds. 


Happy Mother’s day! Things are a bit of a rush here at PIXEO HQ as we work to get the newsletter out and then hit the road. We’re going to the local nursery so Lisette can pick out flowers to decorate our house this summer. Naturally, we’ll be bringing the camera along just in case something photogenic appears…or to take pictures of the pretty flowers at the nursery. That reminds me, I’d better pack the extension tubes!

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