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Cover Photo by Stoneface






Sandon Bus Graveyard - Photo by Scott Goldsworthy

 Explore the old buses laying dormant in the ghost town of Sandon.

 Pretty River Valley Provincial Park - Photo by Robbie Arlow

The Pretty River Valley Provincial Park is filled with amazing scenic creeks and lookouts tucked in the almost 10 kilometers of trails through the forest.

Playa Flamingo  - Photo by Aaron Smith

Playa Flamingo is an amazing long beach with blue crystal waters and sparkling white sand. As a bonus the pacific sunsets are fantastic here! 

Manassas Battlefield Park - Photo by Joe

This house and tree are at the top of a hill at Manassas Battlefield Park. If you walk down the hill, you get a much different view of the house, fence, and trees that are in the park.   Henry House Hill – This hill was an important site of the battles of First and Second Bull Run (also known as First and Second Manassas) in the American Civil War.

Sainte-Marie Beach - Photo by Michel Bricteux

The Sainte-Marie beach is a long, white sandy beach that is easily accessible from along Boulevard Désir Jox.

Michel on Instagram @mbricteux

Endless Straight - Photo by Stoneface

Endless Straight - Photo by Stoneface

Utah’s ancient sea bed in the Great Salt Lake Desert provides interesting photo opportunities.

Bird Lake - Photo by Darren Fast

Tulabi Falls and Bird Lake, within the Nopiming Provincial Park, are classic Canadian Shield terrain. This is the starting point for several canoe trips and backcountry camping.

Balaclava Abandoned Mill - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Balaclava is an abandoned ghost town west of Ottawa. It features this amazing old mill that despite the raging waters is somehow still standing. 


Happy Easter everyone. Here at PIXEO HQ we are hard at work between egg hunting and chocolate eating. The photo locations map is nearing 500 locations and growing. There’s a lot to add, but we’re picking away at it.

As well we’re getting ready for the contest voting starting May 1st. We’re excited to see who wins April’s Challenge, and we think based on the photos so far its going to be quite the battle. If your pictures in the running, remember to share the voting page with your friends. No sign up or registration needed and this time we’re going to allow one vote per day.  We mix your votes with our social media results to determine the winner so remember to promote yourself to win!

Till next time, keep shooting! As for us, we’re off to shoot waterfall in Gatineau, Quebec today, maybe I’ll see some of you there! Look for the PIXEO mobile.

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