⚠️ PIXEO Photo Challenge Update ⚠️

  • We can’t pick anymore. After 11 new users and our regulars submitted stunning photographs this week it became apparent we were out of our depth. So, we’re changing things up. We’ll continue to seperate the chaff from the grain, but the winner will be decided by you!
  • We’ve added a new online voting page on our website and we’ll add the best submissions throughout the month.Then on the first of the next month we’ll open the voting for one week.
  • We’ll announce when we open the voting and you take it from there. Vote for your own photo or other PIXEO community members and spread the word. Don’t forget to get your friends and family voting and the picture with the most votes will win.
  • As always, we can’t enter, or our close friends and family. But we will vote too!
  • As before, the winner takes home a $50 USD Amazon Gift Card and has a chance at winning the big annual photo contest at the end of the year.
  • We of course reserve the right to intercede if we suspect some tom-foolery, but it’s now up to you! So get on it and start voting now!

Voting opens 1st April 2019


🏆 February Winner - Gonzalo Ruiz Calavera 🏆

As you may know, we do a feature on PIXEO Photo Challenge Winners on our blog and promote them on our socials. Check out our feature from last month’s winner Gonzalo Ruiz Calavera. Gonzalo lives in Singapore and his day job takes him all over the world. A great interview that is not to be missed:

📷 Our Favorites This Week 📷

In the newsletter we will continue feature our favorite shots of the week. But, we’ll be adding even more to the contest page as the week’s go on. So this is just a sampling of the amazing shots we received there’s more on the Contest Page.

Please note images below are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.  

Willis Towers Watson - London, UK

Photo by Ashley Garvin
Wow, just wow. First up we have Ashley Garvin (who won in January), and yet again he shows us how amazing he is!  This amazing photograph is of the perfect location to look up in London. Check out the unique upwards view between the Willis Tower Watson building and two others.

Check out Ashley on Instagram 👉 @ash.garvin

See this photos location in London, UK

Temple of the Wind God - Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Temple of the Wind God - Photo by Kuki Basto

Once again, Kuki Bastos takes us to an amazing location. This photo is of the Temple of the Wind God in the Tulum ruins. Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya at its height between the 13th and 15th centuries. Somehow it managed to survive about 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico.

Kuki has a great website here 👉 kuxkix.darkroom.tech
You can follow him on Instagram as well here 👉 @kuxkixSee this photo’s location in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Hummelmora Ängar - Viksjö, Sweden

Hummelmora Ängar - Photo by Kristofer Liljeblad

Next up we have Swedish photographer Kristofer Liljeblad. His idyllic shot of Hummelmora Ängar is simply stunning. Hummelmora Ängar is a beautiful meadow area in Görväln’s nature reserve. A lovely place most times around the year with a lot of opportunities to catch everything from sunsets to all kind of animals. Except for the times when you are deeper in the forest, you’ll have an exceptional view of lake Mälaren.

Follow Kristofer on Instagram as well here 👉 @krist00fer

See this photo’s location in Viksjö, Sweden

Grande Anse des Salines - Sainte-Anne, Martinique

Grande Anse des Salines - Photo by Michel Bricteux
Michel shares this shot, our first drone photo submission. We were wondering when we would start to get drone photo locations, and it has begun with this great shot of Grande Anse des Salines. A beautiful long sandy beach that stretches for more than a kilometer. Great shot Michel, a unique angle, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones with drone envy now.

You can follow Michel on Instagram here 👉 @mbricteux

See this photo’s location in Sainte-Anne, Martinique

Wheel Inn - WestWell, Ashford, UK

Photo by Scott Goldsworthy

Scott Goldsworthy takes us to the village of WestWell.  Nestled within it sits the very photogenic Wheel Inn. This centuries old inn was used by pilgrims as they traveled from Winchester to the shrine of Thomas in Becket at Canterbury Kent. Scott recommends stopping there for a pint after a good day of exploring.

Follow Scott on Instagram 👉  @scottgoldsworthy

See this photos location in Westwell, Ashford, UK

HMS af Chapman - Stockholm, Sweden

Photo by Kristofer Liljeblad
Finally we’ll finish with another from Kristofer Liljeblad. HMS af Chapman is a mighty ship that serves as a hostel. Features one of the best views of central Stockholm as well.

Follow Kristofer on Instagram 👉 @krist00ferSee this photo’s location in Stockholm, Sweden

🏢 Meanwhile at PIXEO HQ 🏢

Well, I spent a few days last week in Brussels, Belgium and found this great shooting location. Not hard to do in the city that is home to the Grand Palace. As per usual, my day job didn’t leave much time to shoot so I stayed up all night Thursday to take photos. Light trails are always a favorite of mine and this view of St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral is one of my favorites of the trip.

You can follow along and see more on my Instagram 👉 @shawnmkent

See this photo’s location in Brussels, Belgium.

Photo by Shawn M. Kent

Don’t forget to check out the voting page to see more of your incredible photos uploaded to the app this month. We can’t wait to see how this goes, and please let your friends know so they can vote!

We also hope you all like the new format for the photo contest and newsletter. We’ve dropped the photo news portion and stuck more to featuring your stuff. Hope that’s better. We’re also working on an update for the app that will feature your work more prominently, that should come out soon. Now, I need to get back to processing more of my photos. Until next time, just keep shooting!

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