“Photography is the story I fail to put into words” 
Destin Sparks

📰 Photography New Digest 📰

  •  Can you photograph someone’s aura? Well, this interesting article seems to suggest so, discover the largely unknown world of aura photography. Kinda neat if you ask us.
  • Looking for inspiration? Check out Reuben Wu’s surreal landscape photography and his amazing use of chiaroscuro lighting approaches to landscape photography.
  • Remember the Crocodile Hunter? Well his son, Robert Irwin is developing into quite a wildlife photographer. Very cool.
  • Worth a watch is this video from Wired. We recommend the third act where they compare how a professional photographer, Chris Burkard, sees the world differently than a non-photographer with a smartphone.
  • This week’s PIXEO  blog post is about the amazing Dr. Evil style architecture in Khazakstan, find our more here.

📸 PIXEO Shots of the Week 📸


Please note images are low res and watermarked to protect intellectual property rights.  

Scott Goldsworthy starts us off with this amazing shot of the week. Check out these amazing abandoned wagons from the Wild West in Alberta. Too cool for school Scott, congrats on shooting this week’s winner!

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See this photo’s location 👉 Drumheller, Alberta

Ashley Garvin is our newest submitter, and holy moly you should see the spots he’s submitted. You will see more next week, but this one is his best of last week. And check out the description he sent:

“St Paul’s Cathedral from the top of the One New Change shopping centre. Take the lift to the six floor and walk left as you come out of the lift. A great free view and relatively untouched by tourists.”

Now that’s what we’re talking about, Awesome shot Ashley, and great description!

See more of Ashley’s work on IG 👉 @ash.garvin

See this photo’s location 👉 New Change, London England

Newbieshots shares this lovely cityscape shooting location from the Waterloo Bridge out over the Southbank.  This incredible view includes the River Thames, City of London and National Theatre.

See more of Newbieshots work on Instagram  👉 @newbieshots

See this photo’s location 👉 London, England

Doug Golupski is back in infrared land. We absolutely love his interpretation of the world and the winter contrast is amazing. This is the perfect holiday postcard from Utah and we love it. Doug, you remain a rockstar!

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See this photo’s location 👉 Park City, Utah


Carlos Vinícius Mota de Melo (we love that name) shares a Christmas beauty with this shot of a beautiful gardened circle in the middle of the intersection of Dom Luís and Desembargador Moreira avenues. During December it is also home to Fortaleza’s Christmas tree.

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See this photo’s location 👉 Fortaleza, Brazil

Darren Fast shows yet again why he is last years champion. What a cool and amazing bit of Icelandic architecture photography this is! This is a shot of two of the six hot water tanks have become the base of Perlan, shaped and named after a pearl, and it now characterizes Iceland’s capital – in the minds of citizens and travellers alike.

Darren on Instagram 👉 @solalta

See the location of this photo 👉 Reykjavik, Iceland

Here’s one of mine. Found this gem along a scenic route in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec. What an amazing spot and on one hand I’m glad it was closed so it was largely on untouched. On the other hand, I could have spent a lot of money on antiques there and left a bit disappointed. What a great spot though!

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See this photos location 👉 St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada

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Wishing you a very photogenic 2019!


Shawn M. Kent founded PIXEO with his wife Lisette Kent in 2018. By day he is a Senior Military Photographer in the Canadian Armed Forces. After travelling the world as a military photographer, he now mostly shoots landscapes and enjoys travelling with his wife and family. Other hobbies include painting, mixed martial arts, and beer.