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“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!”
Ansel Adams

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🏆  PIXEO Photo Challenge  Finalist 🏆

Fo2ByLuL©️ submitted this stunning photo of an abandoned lighthouse that was first built in 1899.  Due to the constant shifting of the sand dunes, the lighthouse is expected to topple into the sea one day.

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See this photo’s location in Hjørring Municipality, Denmark

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Amsterdam Canal by @ fotoalchemycle

Fancy a trip to Amsterdam? Well, Kyle (a.k.a. fotoalchemy), recommends this spot for photographing the famous canals. The city, well known as a photographers paradise, features many bridges like this that are superb shooting locations.

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See this photo’s location in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kootenay Lake Canadian Pacific Rail Bridge by Scott Goldsworthy

This week, Scott Goldsworthy shares this great shot of a Canadian Pacific rail bridge that crosses the Kootenay River. The bridge crosses two islands in its path, and covers about 1200 feet of the river. As well as the bridge, this area is also full of photographic possibilities.

Check out Scott on Instagram 👉 @daydream_a_tree

See this photo’s location in Kootenay Lake, British Columbia

Fishing Huts in Lahemaa National Park by Srijit Bhaumick

Srijit Bhaumick (a.k.a. Bhotch) shares a lovely snowy scene of fishermen huts on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Find these huts in the small Altja Fishing Village at Lahemaa National Park. You will find that in the summer the shacks are in regular use but mostly abandoned in the winter.

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See this photo’s location in Altja, Estonia

Calgary Central Library by Ian Tucker

Ironman Ian flexes his photography muscle, capturing the fascinating architecture of the Calgary Central Library. Not only featuring an oval-like form, the interior is also a large atrium with a huge skylight. Also, you will find the landscaping around the library and adjoining plaza consist of terracing inspired by the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

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See this photo’s location in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lincoln Memorial Washington D.C. by Vinicius Melo

Next up, Vinicius Melo captures this surreal shot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. In addition to seeing the sites, this iconic location is a must visit for the travelling photographer who finds themselves in the US capitol.

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See this photo’s location in Washington, DC, USA

Thomas Jefferson Memorial by Shawn M. Kent

To conclude, I too was in Washinton D.C this week and spent a wonderful afternoon shooting on an unusually mild day. After editing a few, this is one of my favorites from the adventure. This location is by far the best spot to shoot the stunning Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

You can follow me on Instagram here 👉 @shawnmkent

See the location of this photo in Washington DC, USA

I’ll be honest, this week was crazy busy. Besides my short trip to Washington, we attended a wedding, and my 7-year old taking a turn and getting very ill our hands are full. Needless to say, it’s been busy. As a result, here at PIXEO HQ we are just chilling in pajamas and sipping herbal tea. Here is hoping next week isn’t so crazy and Lisette and I can relax a little. Happy snapping everyone!


Shawn M. Kent founded PIXEO with his wife Lisette Kent in 2018. By day he is a Senior Military Photographer in the Canadian Armed Forces. After travelling the world as a military photographer, he now mostly shoots landscapes and enjoys travelling with his wife and family. Other hobbies include painting, mixed martial arts, and beer.

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