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Background Photo of Auronzo di Cadore Viewpoint in Italy – Photo by Matthew Ernst, RCAF

There is no better place to find photo spots! With thousands of the world's most stunning photo locations in the PIXEO collection, our mission is for you to shoot more and search less! We carefully review and verify each submission; ensuring PIXEO is the most accurate and complete collection online. Explore the PIXEO World map for free today or try the PIXEO App for iOS.

Photographers like you help build the photography collection. So, we want to say thanks. That's why every month we feature and give away prizes to the top photographer. No registration or subscription is required, we always credit you, and you always retain your copyright. Find out more about the PIXEO Photo Challenge, and upload your most epic photos today!

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Frode Wins the Photo Challenge!

Every month we give away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the best photo submission we receive. This month Frode won for his fantastic shot of an abandoned boathouse in Norway!

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PIXEO is the passion project of Shawn and Lisette Kent, a husband and wife team of Canadian photographers. Being a military family (Shawn is a photographer in the Canadian military) they moved a lot and Shawn travelled even more.  After travelling the world Shawn became frustrated with the effort and time required to find photo spots, and Lisette grew tired of quitting jobs and having to start anew every time their military family got transferred to a new base. These two problems eventually came together with an idea to build an app for photographers that would help find photo spots. Shawn would travel and contribute his images to the app, and Lisette would manage the submissions and social media platforms. In October 2017 Shawn and Lisette started PIXEO Inc. and got to work building the largest collection of vetted and verified photo spots from around the world. The PIXEO App, PIXEO Map, and the PIXEO Photo Challenge are the fruits of that labour. Today Shawn and Lisette maintain thousands of carefully selected photo spots, add photos from around the world, and work hard to highlight the incredible work of other PIXEO contributors on PIXEO’s Instagram and other social media platforms. From their home in Ottawa, Ontario Canada they continue to build an unparalleled collection of global photo spots so photographers can shoot more and search less.