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The Czech Republic is perhaps best known for its stunning city of Prague. A jewel of Europe, this city is world renown for its architecture, history, and its famous Old Town Square. But, only a short bus ride from this bustling European metropolis and you can find yourself in the village of Kutná Hora. Founded in 1142, Kutná Hora is an ancient relic of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Once the financial center of the Kingdom, local silver mines supplied raw materials to the Royal Mint, which in turn, provided currency to the ancient Kingdom. Such wealth and opulence naturally made Kutná Hora a popular place among the Bohemian elite. But as much of these stories go, eventually the mines dried up and with it went the ruling classes. What remains is a UNESCO world heritage site that offers a reprieve from the bustle of its larger cousin, Prague. But, we do not travel down the well worn cobbled stone walkways of Kutná Hora just to photograph the stunning churches and ancient architecture. No, dear reader, we are here on entirely different photographic business. For Kutná Hora is home to something else entirely. A photo location that is one of a kind. Today we visit the horrifically macabre Sedlec Ossuary.

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